31 January 2007
This is impressive work. “An open-source Flex library for browser URL control via deep linking which I have developed in collaboration with Todd Rein of Adobe.” I’ve recently written something similar for Flash 8 (we’re yet to have clients that are ready for Flash 9 / Flex). I discovered this afterwards: it produces automatically generated human-readable URLs and caters for multiple state views; the same goals I was aiming for. This is, uh, slightly better written than my version though…grr.


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Have you come across this?

it’s an extension for SWFObject, which handles proper urls, history functionality etc. pretty easy to use.

31 January 2007


Hi Gabes, yes I’m terrible at describing what I was doing. The history/bookmarking system I was talking about uses SWFAddress to store state in the browser via a human-readable URL.

The goal was to create a framework of primitive classes that could be used as the basis for any Flash website. The classes handle storing and retrieval of state without the programmer having to worry too much about it (eg. you just specify names for states, which then make up the human-redable url). Like what you get if you program normal HTML.

‘The back button doesn’t work’ is a common complaint among clients and some of them go for HTML site for that single reason. My aim is for all our Flash sites to have proper bookmarking & history but without having to write specific code each time.

When I get round to writing a decent demo I will post it.

1 February 2007


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