26 May 2007

[ZIP] Download Pottery with source code

To use: draw a simple ‘S’ shape on the left-hand panel. Then experiment. Note that it’s fairly crude and only renders convex surfaces properly.

This was a quick mockup I made at the end of last year to try out an idea for a Christmas Card. It was originally going to be for making baubels, and would have the addition of automatic smoothing, concave rendering and mapping a christmassy texture onto the surface. Probably saving, galleries etc. might have followed.

I like simple interactive toys like this, where you can understand what to do straight away and there’s an immediate reward and a sense of play.


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I have just made some awesome pots. Could you make a bezier curve point drawing tool so it could be more accurate or would that be too complex?

Ms Brittle
26 May 2007


Send me your pots! I think a bezier tool might make it too fiddly. This was supposed to be quick and simple at the sacrifice of precision and control. Illustrator has a 3d revolve tool that does what you suggest – give it a try.

26 May 2007


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