Word Clock auf Deutsch

2 June 2007

Heart-felt thanks to the heroic Ole Zorn who volunteered to translate the clock into German, not realising that he was about to experience a grueling 3-day schedule of testing and round-the-clock correspondence. Thanks Ole!

[ZIP] Download Word Clock

I now have a translation-ready clock. If you, or any of your kind friends are willing to do some translation then please get in touch. Now that Ole has been such a help, it’s pretty easy* to add other languages.

You can see the German version by going to System Preferences > International and making German your preferred language. Note that you must have German language support installed for this to work. Updated version now available



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love the word clock…couldn’t get the german to work…downloaded but keeps coming up in english…now i’ll never impress my german intern…

Luis Blanco
8 June 2007


Ah those German interns are everywhere!

At present this relies on the language setting in the International section of your System Preferences. Plus for some reason you must have the German language pack installed.

So a quick hack:

Locate the wordclock.saver file in the Finder. Do ‘Show Package Contents’ and rename the folder ‘English.lproj’ to ‘_English.lproj’.

Your clock should now appear in German…

Updated version now available

8 June 2007


no offense, with that font it looks like a big prejudice… over here we have a lot more stylisch fonts then this old-fashioned one….

22 May 2008



I could help you translate it to Swedich if you want.

Many regards

Bengt Randers
3 June 2008


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