31 May 2011
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All new version of Word Clock for Mac is now available. Completely re-written from scratch with new, smoother animation. No more Flash…

11 September 2010
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When I first got my iPad I thought it would be brilliant for showing my portfolio or presenting work to clients. I couldn’t find any apps that were simple enough or worked the way I wanted, so I made one myself. It’s called Minimal Folio.

19 June 2010
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Automated PostScript drawing created with home brew video tracking software I’m working on. This uses footage of birds in flight, shot on an iPhone.

31 December 2009

So I’ve spent my spare moments over the past year-and-a-bit working on Word Clock for iPhone (link opens iTunes). This uses the same languages as the screensaver and features linear and rotary versions with full typographic control. You can pinch and zoom and animate between the two versions.

I’ve also set up a simple dedicated website. The idea is to eventually move all the Word Clock-related information and separate it from this blog. Hopefully I will then start writing about subjects other than the clock…


23 September 2008

As promised ages ago, I have posted the source code I am using to wrap the Mac Flash screensaver version of Word Clock. It’s extremely basic right now and you’ll need XCode, Flash and programming knowledge to use it. Please contribute by fixing bugs and generally making it better…

Update: moved onto github



27 January 2008
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A newly tweaked version of the droplet. This one allows you to set the JPEG compression quality by changing the number in the filename – just make as many copies as you need.

MakeJpeg download page

6 January 2008
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Two big improvements in this new alpha version: first it’s much less processor-intensive (now uses OpenGL), and second it stores the screen between sessions so it doesn’t have to start with an empty screen each time.

Go to the new page to download. Please let me know by email if you have any problems.

29 July 2007

I am working on building a physical version of Word Clock, from scratch, with electronics components. Here’s the first working circuit:

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29 July 2007

A small tutorial on how to create bouncing balls with ActionScript source code. A couple of years back I was creating some interactive sites using bouncing balls as navigation. These needed to behave in a believable manner so I spent some time looking at rigid body dynamics code.

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1 July 2007
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Word Clock has moved. Go to the new page where you can download and read more.