Ruined Test Print

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I’ve been making blue-prints / cyanotypes of various kinds for quite a while. The appeal has always been to make photos without using lenses or carefully controlled photographic processes. I’ve never been a big fan of photography; the equipment and techniques are now so honed and precise leading the majority of photographs to appear somewhat mechanical and soul-less. I want the surprise of the accidental rather than the boredom of the deliberate.

I originally bought the base chemicals from the excellent Silverprint in Waterloo but used them up long ago. Inspired by the recent sunny weather I thought I’d try one of their alternative process kits which includes various bits and pieces like a measuring cup, syringe and coating rods which make the job that much easier. Rather than the usual contact prints with plants or other stuff, I thought it might be interesting to try a pinhole camera.

Of course since the kit arrived the sun has gone into hiding and consequently I’ve not been able to make much progress. This was an exposure I took yesterday. I couldn’t class it as a photograph at all, but I like the way it turned out all the same.


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