NHS England

Product and identity design for a brand new service bringing together professional advice for pharmacists, GPs and clinicians.

The service was actively developed with a regular cycle of interactive prototyping and observed user testing to validate problems and solutions. We modernised the publishing workflow and developed a range of self-service tools.

Formulating your advice on the use of medicines in pregnancy
The principles of prescribing in pregnancy
Assessing risk and informing the risk versus benefit decision for medicines in pregnancy
Information resources that give advice about medicines in pregnancy
Comparative table of low molecular weight heparins and fondaparinux
Medication Restrictions for Patients Having CAR-T Cell Therapy V3
Switching between liquid and tablet/capsule formulations – Which medicines require extra care?
National Homecare Medicines Committee (NHMC) Prescription Management Process
  • I designed and coded a rich modular design system enabling authors to improve from publishing outdated static documents to dynamic linked content suitable for any device.

    The service is increasingly popular with more than half a million monthly active users in England.


    I am an experienced Product Designer and Software Engineer with a passion for making and crafting digital products, tools and services that are useful, empowering or inspiring to others.