The Guardian

I worked in an in-house product team to design and develop a series of exploratory prototypes as inspiration for the next generation of news apps.

The prototype concepts were rooted in observed real-world user behaviour, responding to patterns in news readership with consideration to time, place and attention during a complete weekly cycle.

I rapidly developed a set of native apps with enough fidelity to enable thorough user testing with iterations of refinement and reinvention in between.

The prototypes explored various playful methods of interaction as well as varying the density and depth of articles. Through testing we learned from users how these affected their overall experience.

Using prototypes and user testing as a foundation gave the design team confidence to take a specific direction with the subsequent full redesign project.


I am an experienced Product Designer and Software Engineer with a passion for making and crafting digital products, tools and services that are useful, empowering or inspiring to others.