Minimal Folio

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Minimal Folio is the simplest way to present images and video on your iPad. The app is unbranded so your portfolio does the talking.


  • — Easy, minimal user interface
  • — Pinch and zoom
  • — Present on an external display
  • — Use images, pdf and video
  • — Lock to prevent editing


  • — Manage multiple portfolios
  • — Batch import from photo albums
  • — Copy and paste items between portfolios or Apps
  • — Cloud sync to multiple devices with Dropbox
  • — Transfer files with iTunes


If you have found a problem with Minimal Folio please give me a chance to fix it. If you have any questions, comments or feature requests just let me know. Email support


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I think it’s ACE. I like how simple it is and how easy it is to use.

13 September 2010


It’s excellent. Love the idea and the result as well.

Miłosz Bolechowski
14 September 2010


well designed… but really boring.

14 September 2010



15 September 2010


Great App. Easy to use. Nice to look at. BUT external display support is strongly needed! (willing to pay!)

15 September 2010


mschaer – external display support is on the to do list! I also really want this feature… EDIT: External display support is done

Simon Heys
15 September 2010


brilliant! just bought it!

Thorsten Keller
15 September 2010


Great idea, I will use it when the Dropbox support is integrated.

15 September 2010


I would love to see support for panoramic images (Equirectangular images) just like the Pangea VR app has. Would have been soooo cool!

15 September 2010


I love this app and can’t wait to see it developed more in the future! The only request I have is to have an easier way to add imagery and move it around. Perhaps in the edit mode make it so you can easily and quickly drag images around without that delay. When adding photos it would be really great to be able to add more than one at once and more easily populate a column.
Really great though, exactly what I wanted in such an app. Thanks so much!

John Carey
16 September 2010


Great app. Suggestion: player controls on video (play/pause and a scrubber would be ideal)

16 September 2010


How brilliant. Just loaded our portfolio. Quick and easy. I do however wish it loaded PDFs.

17 September 2010


Excellent app! Looking forward to PDF support, VGA/Composite output, and iPhone remote.

18 September 2010


Great app. Exaclty what I wanted!
If I were to add one dream feature, it would be the ability to save portfolio sets and fast switch between.

Reid Baty
19 September 2010


Not working on iOS 4.2 beta. :-(

21 September 2010


I know! EDIT: Now works on 4.2

Simon Heys
21 September 2010


Really need to import more than one picture at a time , but looks good

22 September 2010


Mark – you can import multiple pictures using USB / iTunes sync. Just drag-and-drop. EDIT: Now also import with Dropbox

Simon Heys
22 September 2010


Great app !
Would be perfect if we could change the background color (in white for example)

Vivien Muller
22 September 2010


Nice app. works very easy.
I like to have to feature that I can give my presentation it’s own icon.

Niek de Bruijn
22 September 2010


Love the app.
I would LOVE to have pinch to zoom capability so I can zoom into images. Thanks.

22 September 2010


Rene – you are not alone! Planning to add this to a later version. EDIT: pinch/zoom is done

Simon Heys
22 September 2010


Need to know – can I replace the title that says ‘Minimal Folio’ at the top of the folio navigation screen with my own name?

27 September 2010


Hi Ian – not at the moment… EDIT: Title is now editable

Simon Heys
27 September 2010


Thanks – I’ll keep looking for it in an update to purchase.

27 September 2010


Love it, but curious about having multiple portfolios on one iPad. Is there way to have 2 or 3 folios, or multiple copies of the app?

28 September 2010


jamie – multiple portfolios will hopefully be added once dropbox support is complete. EDIT: Multiple folios and Dropbox are done

Simon Heys
29 September 2010


It would be great to be able to rearrange the individual pages within a PDF. I have a portfolio PDF I’d love to be able to throw on there and then separate out into projects.

Michael Tyznik
4 October 2010


Interesting… I did consider implementing it as individual pages but thought most users would find it annoying! I suppose there could be an ‘explode’ feature to break apart or reassemble PDFs in the thumbnail view. For now, you could export your PDF as individual images from an app like Acrobat, then import and rearrange as you like.

Simon Heys
5 October 2010


Great app. I wish I could install more than one of the same app for multiple portfolios.

5 October 2010


Joost – I’m currently working on DropBox support which will also allow you to have multiple portfolios. EDIT: Multiple folios and Dropbox are done

Simon Heys
6 October 2010


Great tool! Thanks a lot. Please but your focus on implementing the ´External display support´. We need it :)

Stefan Krüger
9 October 2010


Just bought it, provides damn near everything I need and my wish-list is summed up here previously.

Workaround for multiple presentations:
Set up your presentation, drag the entire thing onto a folder on your desktop, delete from app. Repeat in separate folders. You now have self-contained, re-loadable presentations.

While not perfect, Simon looks to be active on future development, so I’m happy to be patient. Chucked out my design firm’s old portfolio and will be using this from now on.

Kevin M. Scarbrough
11 October 2010


Kevin – that’s the technique! Currently working on DropBox support – if all goes well you will keep all those folders in your DropBox, sync, and be able to switch between them in the app. EDIT: Multiple folios and Dropbox are done

Simon Heys
11 October 2010


can i put audio file in this?

12 October 2010


Sorry no, it’s intended for images, video and pdf and I have no plans to add support for audio-only files. You could create a video file using your audio and have it play that way instead.

Simon Heys
13 October 2010


Hi Simon, love the app so far and look forward to the new features. One suggestion … Allow entire columns to be moved so you can more easily rearrange the order of projects once imported?

17 October 2010


love the program. was wondering if it exists, or is planned but to have WHITE backgrounds instead of black. Would be nice to have a choice.

The absolute best would be a little RGB slider for background color then people could dial in a color. Most would go with black, white, grey, or tan i would assume. just my thoughts.

will see how the interview goes : )


Gregory Borden
24 October 2010


I loved the app. But how can I use It with a projector?

Rodrigo Ganem
25 October 2010


Hi Rodrigo – external display support is next on the list, once Dropbox sync is finished. The iPad does not have a ‘mirror display’ function like desktop Macs, so every app has to have their own custom external display support written from scratch. EDIT: External display support is done

Simon Heys
26 October 2010


Thank you. Please notify me when you finish it!

Rodrigo Ganem
26 October 2010


Great app. I wish there was a third level, beyond the overview where i can see different projects, since i need multiple rows For one project and mixing projects gets messy.

28 October 2010


Absolutely fantastic app. The perfect portfolio app for me: no clutter, no bs, just my work and super easy navigation in all directions. Thank you!

2 November 2010


Hi Linus – multiple folios is a feature of the next release. EDIT: Multiple folios is done

Simon Heys
3 November 2010


Really nice simple app.
You mentioned that pinch + zoom will be coming, is this for the next update?


Michael C Place
3 November 2010


Hi Michael – pinch and zoom is not in the next release, but hoping to get it into the next release after that. I guess that will be in around 4 weeks. Best, Simon EDIT: Pinch and zoom is done

Simon Heys
3 November 2010


Super, thank you.
Any chance we could have a side swipe to advance/go back (instead of an up swipe)?


Michael C Place
3 November 2010


Had a few requests for this, will implement it eventually.

Simon Heys
3 November 2010


Great App!!! I was wondering if it would be possible to export the portfolio as webpage (html, java..). So we could actually put our minimal folio on our portfolio-websites specifically for iphone and ipad users .

Julio Radesca
5 November 2010


multiple import and multiple delete function is needed to organize complex folios…
kind regards rico

rico chiari
7 November 2010


Noooo, the arrangement in columns & the way the swiping works is just perfect!

(except the lack of rearranging complete columns…)

Please consider adding iPhone support (first).

Just gave you a 4* Rating in the App Store, and will update it to 5* when there’s iPhone support.

But thanks anyway, it’s already a great app. And I’m looking forward to dropbox support :)

8 November 2010


Hi Julio – I have been thinking about this for a while, I think it would certainly be a nice feature.

Simon Heys
10 November 2010


Hi rico – more organisation features are coming. Right now you can import / delete multiple items with iTunes.

Simon Heys
10 November 2010


Hi claudius – a new version was submitted last week which has Dropbox support and allows you to rearrange complete columns. This is pending approval and I’m hoping it will be out in time for iOS 4.2. I plan to make an iPhone version once pinch/zoom and external display support are added; I consider these essential for a small screen. EDIT: Dropbox and column dragging are done. iPhone version in the works.

Simon Heys
10 November 2010


Hi Simon, first of all, i love your app. It’s so simple and easy to use and the future features that you have outlined will improve it greatly.

If I could add a feature request, having video support is ace, but I really miss the ability to scrub through a video. When presenting longer videos in meetings it would be very handy to be able to skip to a specific spot on the timeline, seeing as you are quite often time poor when trying to present a lot of work.

It would be great if you could add it in.

15 November 2010


Hi Sam – I had a lot of requests for this feature and it has been added as an option in the next version. It is approved and currently waiting for Apple’s release of iOS 4.2. Best, Simon EDIT: Optional video controls added

Simon Heys
15 November 2010


thanks for the great app simon, Im transferring a few sales clients to your app for presentations, its working out well – so thanks for all the hard work. i second the features the guys above are mentioning. ;) pinchzoom, multiple projects, dropbox, etc etc..

16 November 2010


Hi Kiryn – multiple folios and Dropbox are in the 4.2 update, pending Apple’s release. Pinch/zoom is done and should be out shortly afterwards. Regards, Simon EDIT:Dropbox and pinch/zoom are done

Simon Heys
16 November 2010


Hi Sam – nice work. A ‘kiosk mode’ option that prevents the menu appearing after a single tap would be great. We use iPads in exhibition environments and don’t want visitors messing with the slide order. This could be a preference setting?

Nick F
18 November 2010


Hi Nick – not sure who Sam is but I’ll answer on her behalf. I will probably add a simple PIN lock at some point. If you are able make use of the app in an exhibition I’d really love to know about it. Regards, Simon EDIT: Lock feature added

Simon Heys
18 November 2010


This app is great! Is there any way to customize the icon in the upcoming versions?!

18 November 2010


Simon, another feature idea (you’ve probably already had it). The ability to drag slides into a column that you could collapse from view…I have a stack of real estate sales agents im putting on your app and planning to use dropbox to sync them all in to one account, but some agents wont want all slides when presenting. So to have a ‘hidden’ type function would be good. ;)

19 November 2010


Hi Simon

is it also feasible to embed cross links to other iPAD apps in Minimal Folio, please?

i.e. if you’ve got a story line consistent of multiple pics, but with cross links to demo opps which one wants to call up seamlessly?


20 November 2010


Hi Simon, any reason my Sept 23rd comment was never moderated? I’ve been promoting this all over the place, in guest blogs, when I do photo training, and at seminars. Great Product. Hopefully the new version goes through quickly as it 4.2.1 update has started and I consider this a key app!

Sean McCormack
22 November 2010


Can I also put in a vote for Panoramic image suppport for . I shoot normal and immersive Equirectangular images and being able to display both would be excellent indeed.

23 November 2010


the possibility to switch/rotate (like a magazin) between vertical and horizontal layouts would be sooooo cool!

keep up the good work!!!

29 November 2010


Awesome app…simplistic perfection. My only request…mirroring what some others have said..Kiosk mode with password. I’d gladly pay double for that feature alone!

Adam hudsin
5 December 2010


Excellent. Feels very nimble & light, like native Photos app does, but actually useful. Just right!

As for feature suggestions:

1. Now that there’s support for multiple folios, there should be some sort of customizable splash screen for clients to decide where to go, featuring names & a thumbnail of each folio. If not that, a client might be able to “zoom out” of the current folio (similar to zooming out to column view), and see thumbnails for each available/active folio.

2. Lockdown mode that makes all editing functions inaccessible — no one wants having the client roam backstage, so to speak.

Looking forward to new updates, NT

Nikola Tamindzic
5 December 2010


One last thing: I love the idea of associated files, only one other app offers anything similar, and it’s an incredibly useful feature.

It’s not very obvious to the potential client that there’s more than one image per column — and they might get annoyed, once they figure it out (or are told so) that each photo doesn’t drill down into additional images.

With that in mind, I think it’d be good to have some sort of indicator if there’s additional content — a persistent indicator would be too intrusive, maybe a quick fade in & out of a downward pointing arrow when there’s additional content available?

Nikola Tamindzic
5 December 2010


I love this app, any news on external display support?

Jacob Bøtter
6 December 2010


Hi Jacob – I started on external display support literally yesterday. It’s not trivial to implement (Apple does not provide a way to mirror the display) so as I’m an indie developer with a day-job it will likely take a few weeks to complete. Best, Simon EDIT: External display support is done

Simon Heys
6 December 2010


Hi Nikola – thanks for your suggestions, really useful feedback.

Simon Heys
6 December 2010


Hi Adam – unfortunately there’s currently no way to implement a kiosk mode in an App Store app. I do plan to add some kind of ‘lock’ feature to disable editing or thumbnail views. But the user will always be able to quit the app using the hardware home button. Superglue is your friend… Best, Simon

Simon Heys
6 December 2010


Hi Sean – not sure what happened to your comment, let’s put it down as an Administrative Error… Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it and it helps motive future updates. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
6 December 2010


Hi Ralf – this is technically possible but would not be very elegant to implement. Each app would have to implement its own unique URL handler such as myspecialapp:// and then there would need to be a way to associate these with individual images. Let me think about it… Best, Simon

Simon Heys
6 December 2010


Hi Kiryn – interesting idea. My proposed solution would be that once I’ve added the ability to move/copy images between folios, you could have one folio that acts as a library for all your content and another for presenting. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
6 December 2010


Hi Jen – it’s not possible to customise the icon of an App Store app. I tried to design the icon to be unobtrusive with minimal personality. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
6 December 2010


hey simon, I wrote to you a while back in early developments…any plans for x/y navigation? or perhaps ability to change column to row organization?

when I hand the ipad over to a client who is not as savy – they get very confused with the nav.

full x/y navigation on a grid would make this ideal

8 December 2010


Hey Simon, you would completely make my day if you added external display support. I just made a next-level Minimal Folio presentation for the whole sales team of my company to send them out weaponed with only an iPad. Imagine what would happen to our sales if I gave them an iPad dock connector which they could attach to every VGA beamer around.

Any ideas when you’re adding this feature?

Minimal Folio rocks! Best iPad presentation tool around!

Peter Evers
8 December 2010


Just saw your reply earlier….great that you’re working on external display support! Keep up the extremely good work!

Peter Evers
8 December 2010


Hi – working on a couple of bug fixes and external display support first, then will look at adding other features.

Simon Heys
9 December 2010


Hi Peter – external display support is in the works. Best, Simon EDIT: now done

Simon Heys
9 December 2010



You have made the best app for a creative designers portfolio in the world,


Merry Christmas :)

9 December 2010


quick q: can orientation be set to portrait?

3 January 2011


Hi evan – the app automatically rotates depending on the orientation of your device. So you could fill it with portrait images and view them in portrait orientation. The images will always be scaled so you can see the whole image as large as possible on screen. You can then pinch and zoom to see details. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
4 January 2011


Great app! Really love using it to present ideas
Now eagerly waiting for the pinch and zoom to stick

Have a great day

Koen Maes
7 January 2011


Hey! Love, love, LOVE the app! One thing I would love to see is the ability to add notes to each image, that way you could click and hold on an image (or something of the sort) and it would show my comments and notes on the project.

8 January 2011


Hi Koen – pinch and zoom is already in the app… Best, Simon

Simon Heys
10 January 2011


Koen – I think I know what you’re talking about, so let me try to explain (I ran into that myself): the image NEEDS to be larger than the dimensions of the iPad screen – if you don’t, it will not keep the pinch and zoom. Hope that helps!

10 January 2011


Just following up on comments; pinch-and-zoom, locking, multiple folios, Dropbox sync, video controls and external display support are all now implemented. Thanks to everyone for your kind support and input so far. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
12 January 2011


Purchased! – this is exactly what we’ve been looking for! Going to impress our clients :)))) thanks!

Merix Studio
18 January 2011


I got my iPad today and this is the first app I bought. It looks soooooooo good. Thanks for designing it the way you did, Simon!

20 January 2011


This is a great app. The guys who said it was boring miss the point. No nonsense and simple. You don’t need any more.

This is the best folio product for the iPad.

25 January 2011


Congrats for your App !
I was thinking that it could be nice to have the possibility to send a picture or a document by email, directly from the app.

26 January 2011


Just bought the app on a 2nd iPad and synced with drop box. Same presentation on both iPads. Awesome, thanks. Any date for PDF and a iPhone app? Thanks a ton.

29 January 2011


Simon, I have to say, you made me look damn good today. I have a Technology Evangelist type role and live and die on the screen and in my decks. Hundreds of presentations in the last few years to big and small groups. Minimal Folio just resonates with me as a presenter looking for extreme flexibility but not willing to sacrifice style. Found your App at 1am last night. My whole presentation with numerous supporting docs queued up by 1:30a. Presented at 8am in a way so natural I haven’t experienced before. Excellent work!

3 February 2011


Awesome. Simple and to the point. I love the ability to lock out any editing functionality when showing it to folks. Exactly what I was looking for. I agree with Aaron’s suggestion for a brief description option. Maybe when first scrolling to a new image there’s an overlay strip at the bottom that’s black at 50% opacity. The text can be white on top of that, and after a few seconds (time can be another option) it fades out.

4 February 2011


Thanks simon for a great App and for all your frequent developments. Perfect example of how an app should evolve.
Can I ask for three dimensional navigation – so as well as the current navigation an additional level of depth (or stack) for the images would be useful. Also, as already mentioned an export to web option so that it could be used when reaching a website with an iPad/iPhone would be fab!

6 February 2011


Wish list: the ability to export the entire thing to a web site.
Loving the app, already wowed some people with the spontaneity of it!

Scott Melchionda
10 February 2011


Hey, I love this app. It’s almost perfect for my uses.

What would make it perfect is a ‘homepage’.

I’m using this as a portfolio of my projects. Each Column is a project. It would be great to be able to show the front page of all of the projects (the first page in each column) all together.

Thanks for all your work. It’s a great app.

Duncan Munge
13 February 2011


Hi Si,

awesome app! i presume it’s a native app and not HTML5 & javascript. any plans to enable html content with interactivity maybe in a webviewcontrol?


16 February 2011


Hi Marvin – thanks, and yes it’s all native. I do plan to add some kind of web view – maybe using safari webloc bookmark files or similar. Stay tuned! Simon

Simon Heys
16 February 2011


Great app, still the best that I’ve seen. However, there are two thing that keep it from being perfect. As has been oft requested before, being able to switch x and y would be great (rows instead of columns). Second, all of my images flow together. Any chance of having the option to disable the fading animation?

Thanks again for all the hard work. It really shows.

Alan Kriegel
23 February 2011


hi Simon!

Great app!!

I would like to known if it’s possible to change the background color to white. It’s really important for me.

On the other hand, is it possible to fit the contents via FTP?

thanks a lot.

24 February 2011


Hi Abel – you cannot change background colour at the moment. However if you make all your images screen size (1024×768) then you have complete control over what is displayed. There is no ftp, but you can use Dropbox which is simpler and more powerful. Also import from iTunes, or bulk import from your albums. The demo video does not sow these features (yet!) Best, Simon

Simon Heys
24 February 2011


Hi Alan – requests duly noted, my apologies if development takes longer than you might expect. Thanks for your ongoing patience and support. Best regards, Simon

Simon Heys
24 February 2011


Love the app, but have a question. I need to deploy 6 different folios to 25+ users. Can you suggest a means to do so without having to create each one manually on the iPad, then attach files within iTunes? I’d like to be able to grab the entire folio and keep the same name, elements, sequence, etc. for consistency.

27 February 2011


Hi John – easiest way is to use Dropbox (not shown in the demo video). You can set up all your folios on one device and sync to Dropbox. Then enter the Dropbox account details on the others, sync and you’re good to go. You can also disable editing if you don’t want users to be able to change anything. Mail support if you need more assistance. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
27 February 2011


Hi Simon,

Great app. Very simple and clean.
I know this is an ipad app but since there is the “App Store” application for Macs. Have you thought in making a compatibly version that can be run on a Laptop also?


Carlos Azolas
3 March 2011


Hi Carlos – yes I think that’s a possibility, perhaps later in the year. All the files, databases etc. are compatible with a desktop Mac. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
3 March 2011


Now available for iPhone

Simon Heys
12 March 2011


Great, just got it……

And now you have got me wondering……
Are there any plans for Mac OS X?
I would love to use it for presentations…… itwould look real cool….

And PS, my compliments to you for giving us the app

Koen Maes
12 March 2011


Hi Koen – Mac version is definitely possible and I’ll do it eventually. Could share same folios between Mac / iPad / iPhone. I’m currently thinking navigation by keyboard, or trackpad gestures. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
12 March 2011


Hi Simon,

I would go for the trackpad gestures… one app, one user experience. (Independent of the platform iPhone, iPad of OS X)
It would be great to pull that one off :-)

And if you need testers, I am willing to help you there.

Cheers Koen

Koen Maes
13 March 2011


Hi Simon, this app looks really good and intuitive, and I’m looking forward to using it once my iPad arrives. Props to the excellent support to us users here as well!

One quick question. Will it be possible to organize the albums by rows rather than columns? It seems more intuitive to swipe through the photos horizontally to me.

It’ll be great if you added it as an option to us photographers– rows vs columns. Thanks!

28 March 2011


Hi Han – row vs column vs grid is on the list of things to do. Best, SImon

Simon Heys
28 March 2011


What font did you use for the example slides in minimal folio?

Nice job with the dropbox integration!

28 March 2011


Hi Josh – thanks for you kind comment. I used the version of Futura that’s built into both Mac OS and iOS 4. I tried other versions but in my tests this was the one that rendered the best on screen. I chose Futura because I think the uppercase M and lowercase i are really pleasing in the words Minimal Folio. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
28 March 2011


Just bought it yesterday. Reason was easy integration with dropbox. Actually it works even smoother than I expected. Thanks for nice peace of software :)
P.S. I’m voting for rows too. At least it will be super cool to be able to choose in options rows-or-columns.

28 March 2011


+1 for adding rows or columns option. A grid would be best since it would neatly accommodate navigation either from rows or columns. Fit nicely with the minimal theme.

I’m really digging clean minimal apps like this that perform one job/task really well. PlainText with dropbox achieves this excellent clean peaceful feel also. Both Apps I consider my best purchases and must haves.

Great App! Thanks again!

29 March 2011


Great app, nice work Simon.

Some features that would be nice:
– Support for more data sources than Dropbox (like WebDav enabled sources or FTP)
– Read only/ Download only sync
– Support for links in PDFs

– Nested Folios – Allow Folios to contain both images and additional Folios
– HTML 5 support: allow a Folio slide to be a small HTML5 app


1 April 2011


Like so many Minimal users I’m also very impressed with how well this app works. I’ve also been a user from the beginning and have watched Minimal Folio improve at a very fast pace!
My wish list is…
-url links, blogs FB etc
-A iPad desktop icon for a specific folio. I know this may never be possible.

Keep up the good work!. -Robert

4 April 2011


A great app! Simplicity is Minimal Folio’s strength.

I don’t need or want fancy displays, most clients are not interested, they just want to see if you can take a photo or create a product/ package or whatever.

In my opinion, fancy displays are just new ways of talking one’s self out of selling oneself. In the heat of an interview, when you have 30 seconds to convince someone that you are just what the client is looking for, the last thing you need is an over engineered chinese puzzle!

5 April 2011


I already like this app although my pad is still in China. John (121) mentioned FTP support and I would second that.

Already I store photos on my own server on the net, where clients can download, and they can be presented via the web. If I could just drop files there, and hit a button in the app to automatically pick up new files via FTP, that would simplify the workflow, big time.

7 April 2011


I really wish there were controls for the video (play, pause, scrub)

13 April 2011


My bad – just found the setting to enable video controls.

13 April 2011


a way to ZOOM-OUT would be nice, like double tap.

21 April 2011


The best app I’ve ever spent my cash on. I was so frustrated with all the really bad portfolio apps out there for designers. This is bang on the money and will never need to buy another folio app again. Nice one dude.

25 April 2011


Sorting by name, date or client and also a slideshow would be great asset to this little app. please update. great work

28 April 2011


A web based version of the same portfolio. This would be great to send via email, and the same interface would work in a web browser. Thanks, great app

28 April 2011


Terrific job with the app, and with your responses to user requests, etc. I’m a fan.

I apologize if this has already been brought up, but one feature I’d love to see is a small “info” button of some sort that when pressed, would bring up a text overlay (or dedicated placed image as an overlay) with the project description. That way, not matter where you are in the image stack, you can get a quick view/refresh of the project details, then close it and continue where you left off.

2 May 2011


Hi! Really nice:just downloaded – I’m going to use it for my portfolio BUT please introduce a zoom and maybe music backgrounds to be picked from ipod. However, great!

gianluca belmonte
4 May 2011


you’re good. thanks for an excellent app, at a more than decent price. I’ll rate it on itunes too – everyone here should do that.

5 May 2011


Hi gianluca – the app already has zoom, I just don’t show it in the demo video (yes I really should get around to making a new one)…

Simon Heys
5 May 2011


Hi Simon, great app that I discovered only recently. What I like most is the ability to show PDF files on an external screen (iBook doesn’t work). Pls allow one suggestion for addl. functionality: Could you also implement a “laser pointer” in presentation mode (like in Apple’s Keynote app)? Thanks, Daniel

Daniel Kuster
5 May 2011



I was wondering if Minimal Folio would ever make it to the Mac or the Web.

William Reese
12 May 2011


Hi Simon,

A few people have asked for the ability to change the background to white.

I would like this too, as my .png files lose transparency after syncing from iTunes to the iPad photo albums. The white background would hide the formerly transparent edges/corners that turn white.

Keep us posted if you do this.


14 May 2011


This is app is amazing !!! It is so simple and yet powerful. I have only one request :

– Please add simple customizable splash screen with logo that fades out when you start the app. Something like here: //

It would be great to impress clients ! :)

14 May 2011


Hi William – eventually – can’t say when…

Simon Heys
15 May 2011


It would be great if we could annotate on the photos in order to write down clients notes!

Petros Dimitriadis
16 May 2011


Brought this over the weekend to present visual effects work to clients as well as use for on set/location references when on a film shoot to show storyboards, previs, work in progress vfx shots dailies, scripts etc.. its perfect!!! so simple, non branded and the work looks soo sexy on the ipad!
highly recommended purchase for any creatives!

Hasraf HaZ Dulull
16 May 2011


Hi Simon, congratulations on your very creative work, and I’m not talking only about Minimal Folio! The words clock is a great example of creative and beautiful typography!

I love Minimal folio, but, as a photographer that sometimes also prepare slideshows with audio captured on location, I would love the possibility of adding an audio track to the presentations. Similar to what I do on the Mac, with a software called Soundslides.

I read before that audio was not something you were considering. Still I had to ask and confirm if this is a No option in the future…

17 May 2011


Perfect for my company, we are a video production studio… but would LOVE to be able to set a custom thumbnail for videos!!!!!

18 May 2011


I love the cloud sync. Right now it’s only available for Dropbox.

I use it all the time until recently. Dropbox came under hot water for poor encryption. Now my company has blocked it’s usage.

I wish you could connect to box.not or idisk. I still love this app.

Quoc Doan
20 May 2011


Outstanding Simon. Use this for many purposes and it is great.

To me the killer feature would be the ability to add any type of navigation buttons. When I am in presentation and in column 12 and row 8 and someone as me a question that I could touch a button (or hidden button) and navigate instantly versus the multiple sliding. I know there is one other app that has something similar but very buggy.

But if not no matter it is still outstanding as it just works well.

Rotate images inside the app would be great – maybe I missed that.

Jeff franzen
22 May 2011


This works great! I would like to see some sort of counter overlay option, (e.i. in the corner of each image of a project it says 1/10, 2/10, 3/10…) That way if someone else is navigating it they know when to swipe to the next project.

That brings up my second request, an option to turn on navigation directions, some overlay that’s unobtrusive that helps direct people. I’ve found everyone that I show it to, wants to direct it themselves. Which is great! But it could be a little more obvious I think to make it easier.

My temporary solution was to design a “cover slide” for each project that gave a description and had a directional arrow to swipe up to begin.

23 May 2011


Looks like a great presentation app. From what I gather, it lacks slideshow and transitions effects. Can you confirm, and if so, will you bring this feature in an upcoming version?

24 May 2011


Hi Quoc – sorry to hear about your company’s change of policy. I would like to add more cloud services, but can’t say when. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
25 May 2011


Hi Jeff – thanks! Some kind of visual indicator would definitely be useful. I’m waiting until I’ve figured out the best way of doing it before adding anything like that. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
25 May 2011


Hi Mar – You are correct there are no slideshows or ‘effects’. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
25 May 2011


I need to find a simple presentation app where I can line up different videos and have them play in sequence one after the other. Is that possible on Minimal Folio?
My thanks.

31 May 2011


Hi Chia – there is no autoplay/slideshow function in the app at the moment. It’s something I intend to add, but can’t say when. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
31 May 2011



Love the simplicity but yet I must say I wish there was some more power under the hood:

– missing a slide show
– missing an internal PDF rendering engine for better performance
even on an ipad2


Hope for future releases….

2 June 2011


Great app, good work! Would love a way to jump through PDF pages more quickly, I hav some fairly lengthy files I want to show off! It’s a bit tedious flicking up loads of times to get to the end. Maybe the scroll bar could be draggable?

Alex B
2 June 2011


Hi SImon, love the app it’s brilliant! for my work i use a mixture of images, video, and as well .gifs, which i would love to see being able to be played (not just the static .gif image) by the minimalfolio as well,

any chance this could be done?

otherwise, again, brilliant!

5 June 2011


Awesome App! Just sold a job using it, and plan to use it from here on out.

James Kurtz III
6 June 2011


I was wondering if it would be possible to export the portfolio as webpage (html, java..). So we could actually put our minimal folio on our portfolio-websites specifically for iphone and ipad users .

Julio Radesca
8 June 2011


Hi Simon, great app!

just a question, i would LOVE to be able to add my moving .gifs into the minimal folio, any possibilities on this?

thanks, and again, great app!

9 June 2011


Love everything about it. Amazing interface. The fact that it is so clean. One request however. Double tap to bring up the top bar. Finding clients tap once and slide down to go to the next image but end up bringing up the top bar. Please have it only appear on a double tap. Have this is both the iPad and iPhone version. Thanks!

13 June 2011


Hi Simon, your app is very nice!
If you could add the ability to :
• autoplay for videos
• choose to display a panoramic image at 100% so you can pan horizontaly or verticaly in the view
it would be fantastic :)

17 June 2011


Thanks! Great app!
Is there a way to enlargen the thumbnails to get a better preview of pdf documents?
Best, Rainer

18 June 2011


Is there anyway it could embed a website so you could use this as a slideshow presenter with website demo integration?

21 June 2011


Wow, I love Minimal Folio. Not only do I use it for quick & easy presentations to my classes, it also stays in my dock as a quick reference collection–screenshots of bus schedules and other info I use a lot. It’s like a very basic, visually-oriented personal wiki.

One request: is there any way to get the Minimal Folio folder off the top level of dropbox? I’m using dropbox for everything, but I hate having a crowded file listing. (I like minimal!) Some apps allow selection of a folder off of the top level, but whenever I move the Minimal Folio folder, the app-dropbox link breaks. Thanks!

23 June 2011


Hi Simon – I see that I am several months behind the times here, but your app looks superb and I have ready almost only good things about it here in the comments. I’d like to know if your app supports links to the web? When displaying websites that we have designed, it would be great to be able to tap a link and be taken to that site on Safari? Thanks a ton! Janet

Janet Hancock
9 July 2011


I Have been playing with it for about a week now and am loving it! keep up the good work.

Q. the swipe left to right seems a bit finicky. i figure its a result of separating into columns the way you have… i mention it because when i hand the ipad off to a client or someone i want to show my photos too they have a hard time with it.

13 July 2011


BEAUTIFUL!! I want it, but it doesn’t work with pre iOS4 devices, like my 1st Gen iPod Touch which I use for carting my folio about. :-(

18 July 2011


Hi Matt – no it doesn’t work pre iOS4 because it utilises a lot of the new image and video features that were added in that version. iOS5 is out soon, and consequently a number of developers are dropping support for iOS3… a good time to upgrade…

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi Moe – take your point about the responsiveness in the wrong hands. I have some ideas I am going to try out in that regard. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi Janet – that’s not supported at the moment, but I am planning to add urls in a future update. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi Jean – thanks for the kind words. At present you can’t change the Dropbox folder. I plan to overhaul the Dropbox code at some point so could add that as a feature then. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi Andrew – I did explore embedding websites within the app but didn’t like the performance so removed it. It’s one year on now so I will probably try it again at some point; it would definitely be handy. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi Rainer – thumbnail size is fixed at the moment. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi S̩bastien Рautoplay can be added, will put it on the list. Not sure what kind of panoramic images you are referring to, but you can already zoom into any image to 100% and then pan around. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi Derek – thanks! I am reserving double-tap for a future feature, but will give some thought to how to hide the top bar completely. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi James – animated GIFs are not supported natively by the iPad/iPhone (without embedding a web browser) so I would have to implement my own animated GIF code… not sure how much I can prioritise that to be honest. I would suggest exporting your animations as video for presenting. Simon

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi Julio – I’ve wanted to add this feature since launch. It’s something I want to get right, but watch this space.

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi Nicolas – thanks for your comments. Slideshow is something to add, but I don’t plan to write my own PDF rendering engine – it would be too large an undertaking. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Apologies for the comment response flood due to recent vacationing…

Simon Heys
18 July 2011


Hi, I love the app, but it would be much faster to compose folios if there were a Mac OS X app. Are you considering that? Or a way to export the folios that would be editable. Thanks.

Cristóvão Ferreira
19 July 2011


Hi Cristóvão – desktop version is definitely under consideration.

Simon Heys
19 July 2011


The more I fiddle with it, the better it gets.

Minimalfolio too!

Excellent stuff.

31 July 2011


Since you have a nice concept, can’t you give us a play list like you can play one complete reel with different titles. So we don’t need to select one by one for playback, or a selected group or pay all.

Thanks, hope you will do the needful.

John joseph
4 August 2011


Fantastic app Simon, my one request would be to have the option to set the video to play automatically. Other than that, great stuff!

4 August 2011


Is it possible to turn off auto rotation?

Yin yang 69
5 August 2011


Hi Yin yang 69, you can turn off rotation in your iPad settings. Check the iPad user guide for instructions.

Simon Heys
5 August 2011



Nice app. I just bought it today and it’s simple and to-the-point. Also, I like your graphic style. Keep up the good work!

Tudor Munteanu
8 August 2011



Great app. Looks really cool :) I was just wondering if something similar is available for Android Tabs or for example as Desktop App on OSX? Do you have a tip?

Regards from Luxembourg

Sacha Heck
10 August 2011


Awesome app. Love it. I’d like to echo the comments about changing the background colour, though. Even if you create PNGs with a flat white border, you get a black fade as you swipe between them.

Just a minor quibble. Aside from that, it’s perfect.


11 August 2011


Great app! Just why I bought an iPad. Any plans to add an auto rotate for portrait images? Thanks!!


29 August 2011


hi, i’m wondering … does the app scale down pictures in the 1024 size or does it import them in their original size.
because if you zoom in for the details i would prefer the original of course.
i would like to know this before i buy it.
thank you!

4 September 2011


Please give us play all or one full raw playing facility.

John joseph
11 September 2011


Hi Tim – no plans to add any rotation or image editing features at present for fear of clutter. If your images are not rotating correctly please mail support with details.

Simon Heys
21 September 2011


Hi Alex – the app uses scaled-down optimised images for browsing and thumbnails, then uses the original image when you pinch and zoom. Allows images up to 10Megapixels (file size is not important, only the dimensions). Best, Simon

Simon Heys
21 September 2011


Love the simplicity! I would like to be able to write notes on the slides while I show it to my clients. Other than that, great app!

Oskar Schmidt
22 September 2011


Finally! Someone who thinks about the user, and not just their own branding. Well done – great effective stuff. The next thing we need you to develop is a really good graphical way to archive loads of content (web, audio, imagery, text etc) so it can be presented, searched and shared in an instinctual way. Easy.

Paul Pethick
26 September 2011


Hello, awesome developer guy. Just one request on an already awesome app: I’d like to browse my stacks by row and not column, with the images going to the right instead of down. Would that be possible?

Paul Marker
28 September 2011


Love this app. An effective sales tool for us. I agree with Oskar – adding notes would be handy. It’s still the most useful app we’ve purchased so far!

Matt Webb
29 September 2011


Hi Paul – I’ve wanted to implement row/column switching for a while now, and I’m hoping to find the time later this year to implement it. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
29 September 2011


Please allow double tap to split screen to show compare two pictures on screen at once.

11 November 2011


Awesome app!
Been looking for a portfolio solution on iPhone to no avail. Found yours by mere accident. Glad I did!

Guillermo de la Maza
15 December 2011


This is a great app. Easy to use and navigate. Makes my photo presentaions perfect!

Bruce Sams
21 December 2011


Brilliant brilliant app!

I would love an option so that when you swipe left or right it always returns to the first slide in the column.


18 January 2012


It would be nice if you were able to print wirelessly from Minimal Folio. Any chance of that happening in the near future?

All the best

19 January 2012


Fantastic work on this app, really, and thanks for supporting it so well!

I’m curious if there are plans to release as a desktop app? I actually find this very helpful for quickly demoing user flows and even creating, mm, site maps I guess you could call them. The ability to make them accessible to a team via desktop app or web could have a lot of potential uses, I think.

Also, I’d personally love the ability to double-tap an image to zoom to fit the image according the the shorter dimension, rather than having to pinch and zoom to scale it up ( I want to simulate scrolling a web page, for example, and I’m clumsy).

But I’m very happy, these are not complaints. Keep up the great work! This app is a steal for the price.

1 February 2012


I’ve been looking for an app JUST like this one – perfect for my needs – thanks!

7 February 2012


Muchas gracias maestro¡¡¡

thank you very much for this powerful tool for architects, designers and many others¡¡¡

10 February 2012


It would rock if you could pull images from an RSS location.. i’m thinking that if we can directly access pre-created gallery’s (flickr/pinterest/etc.) that would really make this app worth.

19 February 2012


Love this app! I will definitely be using this. Thanks for making this!

The only disappointment is that I wish it played animated gifs. I can live with that if I have to though.


22 February 2012


I love love love this app, it’s gotten me work. Now if there was an Export to Web site feature, I’d be one happy camper.

24 February 2012


This is by far the best app for presenting a portfolio. It’s also the best value – easily worth 3X what you’re charging. Thanks for making it.
I’ll also second the desire for a desktop version.


Todd F
9 March 2012


Thanks for the retina update!

27 March 2012


Looks great, got here via Terry White’s BestAppSite, I bet you get a lot of interest via that….

2 April 2012


Love it, love it. Can we have a notes field. I’ve a gallery of reference images I’d like to annotate…

Joseph Asghar
8 April 2012


This might be silly but what about backup? How can I recover the portfolio if for exemple the iPad is lost?
Thank you

10 April 2012


Hi Peter – nothing silly about this! I’m serious about backup. If you use Dropbox and sync regularly then you’ll always have a backup. You can even recover your files if you accidentally delete them. Following a normal approach to iOS backup will also backup your folios. I have mine set to backup with iCloud.

Simon Heys
10 April 2012


Hi Simon, thanks for the quick answer on backups.
Bought it.
Since we people are never satisfied, a couple of how to videos on youtube would be just great fun to watch and learn

10 April 2012


Hi Simon,
I tested several portfolio apps and decided to buy minimal folio.
I like the grid-style presentation plus a navigation which works perfect in showing just some photos depending on how a discussion with a customer develops.
I wish that this app may be available for Macbook.

6 May 2012


Used it for the first time in a client presentation today, and they loved it – so did I. Love how it leads from the last slide of one series, to the first slide of the next. Love the DropBox syncing. Great app.

Jonathan Howells
23 May 2012


Hi Simon,

I am curious on buying the apple TV for mirroring services.

Does this work with minimal folio?

I recently did a presentation with minimal folio connected through a long HDMI cable but it was hard to be interactive and walk round the large tv/projector without (a) cable being in the way but (b) worst of all weight of the cable kept pulling the adaptor out of the ipad which resulted in a broken presentation.

I love this app, its perfect. But I’d like to start using it for lecturing/presenations and be able to walk round whilst presenting .

Just wanted to check before purchasing,

Keep up the great work! and many thanks,


10 June 2012


I just bought an Apple TV and can confirm the app works perfectly with AirPlay mirroring via an Apple TV. No more long cables!

Simon Heys
21 June 2012


After months using Minimal Folio on my iPhone, I finally decided to make the switch on iPad also.

I simply can’t get enough of this app!

guillermo de la maza
26 June 2012


You saved my butt tonite. Going to a portfolio review with no wifi. Was going to use the Photos app, but this is so much more versatile. You’re going to make me look good.

If I get the iPhone app will it automatically sync with my iPad content (in my Dropbox)?


Jeff Krieger
8 November 2012


Hi Jeff – yes Dropbox can be used to sync your folios between devices. Sync is started manually so you’re in full control of when it updates (so it won’t happen in the middle of a presentation!). Simon

Simon Heys
10 November 2012


I’ve been using Minimal Folio for two years now and still haven’t found a better portfolio app. now that I’m doing some teaching, a few of my students are asking me to recommend a portfolio app, and I’m pointing them in this direction.
also, I _really_ appreciate the fact that it’s artist-made. Thanks Simon.

3 December 2012


Does this app work without wifi or 4g? I don’t want to be in a meeting with a client and be limited by internet access.

3 January 2013


Hi Kerry – yes the app works without a network connection. All your files are stored for offline use. Regards, Simon

Simon Heys
4 January 2013


Brilliant app and fantastic concept, cheers!

7 January 2013


Great stuff Simon, this is an excellent app! Thoroughly recommend it to any designer.

8 January 2013


Hi, thanks for such a great, affordable portfolio app! I have one request for future updates, please add a scrubber/pause to the video component, would make presentations much smoother :) thank you!

27 January 2013


Fantastic app – thanks so much! Brillant in it simplicity to set up. And amazing to be able to display and scroll my work in that way (especially offline). As per some previous comments, I look forward to some ability to export :-) thanks again – brilliant!

27 January 2013


Hi Annika – you can enable full video controls in the Settings app. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
28 January 2013