Minimal Folio

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Minimal Folio is the simplest way to present images and video on your iPad. The app is unbranded so your portfolio does the talking.


  • — Easy, minimal user interface
  • — Pinch and zoom
  • — Present on an external display
  • — Use images, pdf and video
  • — Lock to prevent editing


  • — Manage multiple portfolios
  • — Batch import from photo albums
  • — Copy and paste items between portfolios or Apps
  • — Cloud sync to multiple devices with Dropbox
  • — Transfer files with iTunes


If you have found a problem with Minimal Folio please give me a chance to fix it. If you have any questions, comments or feature requests just let me know. Email support


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This is a great app. Easy to use and navigate. Makes my photo presentaions perfect!

Bruce Sams
21 December 2011


Brilliant brilliant app!

I would love an option so that when you swipe left or right it always returns to the first slide in the column.


18 January 2012


It would be nice if you were able to print wirelessly from Minimal Folio. Any chance of that happening in the near future?

All the best

19 January 2012


Fantastic work on this app, really, and thanks for supporting it so well!

I’m curious if there are plans to release as a desktop app? I actually find this very helpful for quickly demoing user flows and even creating, mm, site maps I guess you could call them. The ability to make them accessible to a team via desktop app or web could have a lot of potential uses, I think.

Also, I’d personally love the ability to double-tap an image to zoom to fit the image according the the shorter dimension, rather than having to pinch and zoom to scale it up ( I want to simulate scrolling a web page, for example, and I’m clumsy).

But I’m very happy, these are not complaints. Keep up the great work! This app is a steal for the price.

1 February 2012


I’ve been looking for an app JUST like this one – perfect for my needs – thanks!

7 February 2012


Muchas gracias maestro¡¡¡

thank you very much for this powerful tool for architects, designers and many others¡¡¡

10 February 2012


It would rock if you could pull images from an RSS location.. i’m thinking that if we can directly access pre-created gallery’s (flickr/pinterest/etc.) that would really make this app worth.

19 February 2012


Love this app! I will definitely be using this. Thanks for making this!

The only disappointment is that I wish it played animated gifs. I can live with that if I have to though.


22 February 2012


I love love love this app, it’s gotten me work. Now if there was an Export to Web site feature, I’d be one happy camper.

24 February 2012


This is by far the best app for presenting a portfolio. It’s also the best value – easily worth 3X what you’re charging. Thanks for making it.
I’ll also second the desire for a desktop version.


Todd F
9 March 2012


Thanks for the retina update!

27 March 2012


Looks great, got here via Terry White’s BestAppSite, I bet you get a lot of interest via that….

2 April 2012


Love it, love it. Can we have a notes field. I’ve a gallery of reference images I’d like to annotate…

Joseph Asghar
8 April 2012


This might be silly but what about backup? How can I recover the portfolio if for exemple the iPad is lost?
Thank you

10 April 2012


Hi Peter – nothing silly about this! I’m serious about backup. If you use Dropbox and sync regularly then you’ll always have a backup. You can even recover your files if you accidentally delete them. Following a normal approach to iOS backup will also backup your folios. I have mine set to backup with iCloud.

Simon Heys
10 April 2012


Hi Simon, thanks for the quick answer on backups.
Bought it.
Since we people are never satisfied, a couple of how to videos on youtube would be just great fun to watch and learn

10 April 2012


Hi Simon,
I tested several portfolio apps and decided to buy minimal folio.
I like the grid-style presentation plus a navigation which works perfect in showing just some photos depending on how a discussion with a customer develops.
I wish that this app may be available for Macbook.

6 May 2012


Used it for the first time in a client presentation today, and they loved it – so did I. Love how it leads from the last slide of one series, to the first slide of the next. Love the DropBox syncing. Great app.

Jonathan Howells
23 May 2012


Hi Simon,

I am curious on buying the apple TV for mirroring services.

Does this work with minimal folio?

I recently did a presentation with minimal folio connected through a long HDMI cable but it was hard to be interactive and walk round the large tv/projector without (a) cable being in the way but (b) worst of all weight of the cable kept pulling the adaptor out of the ipad which resulted in a broken presentation.

I love this app, its perfect. But I’d like to start using it for lecturing/presenations and be able to walk round whilst presenting .

Just wanted to check before purchasing,

Keep up the great work! and many thanks,


10 June 2012


I just bought an Apple TV and can confirm the app works perfectly with AirPlay mirroring via an Apple TV. No more long cables!

Simon Heys
21 June 2012


After months using Minimal Folio on my iPhone, I finally decided to make the switch on iPad also.

I simply can’t get enough of this app!

guillermo de la maza
26 June 2012


You saved my butt tonite. Going to a portfolio review with no wifi. Was going to use the Photos app, but this is so much more versatile. You’re going to make me look good.

If I get the iPhone app will it automatically sync with my iPad content (in my Dropbox)?


Jeff Krieger
8 November 2012


Hi Jeff – yes Dropbox can be used to sync your folios between devices. Sync is started manually so you’re in full control of when it updates (so it won’t happen in the middle of a presentation!). Simon

Simon Heys
10 November 2012


I’ve been using Minimal Folio for two years now and still haven’t found a better portfolio app. now that I’m doing some teaching, a few of my students are asking me to recommend a portfolio app, and I’m pointing them in this direction.
also, I _really_ appreciate the fact that it’s artist-made. Thanks Simon.

3 December 2012


Does this app work without wifi or 4g? I don’t want to be in a meeting with a client and be limited by internet access.

3 January 2013


Hi Kerry – yes the app works without a network connection. All your files are stored for offline use. Regards, Simon

Simon Heys
4 January 2013


Brilliant app and fantastic concept, cheers!

7 January 2013


Great stuff Simon, this is an excellent app! Thoroughly recommend it to any designer.

8 January 2013


Hi, thanks for such a great, affordable portfolio app! I have one request for future updates, please add a scrubber/pause to the video component, would make presentations much smoother :) thank you!

27 January 2013


Fantastic app – thanks so much! Brillant in it simplicity to set up. And amazing to be able to display and scroll my work in that way (especially offline). As per some previous comments, I look forward to some ability to export :-) thanks again – brilliant!

27 January 2013


Hi Annika – you can enable full video controls in the Settings app. Best, Simon

Simon Heys
28 January 2013