I worked with scientists and medics to design and develop a user-friendly interface for a complex Tuberculosis (TB) analysis platform.

Mykrobe animation

The platform has web and desktop apps which must meet the needs of non-specialist end-users analysing TB resistance in challenging environments.

We learned about our users from real world on-site observation including a field trip to TB-prevalent areas of Mumbai, India.

I collaborated closely with users to prototype and develop an easily readable diagnostics interface including an innovative real-time minimum-spanning-tree visualisation of TB-relatedness.

For the web and app interface I designed and developed a common system of interactive components which are available to the team in an interactive web-based catalogue.

To make non-expert users feel comfortable and confident using the product I designed a user-friendly identity inspired by the shapes, colours and transparency seen in traditional TB stain tests.

The platform is being expanded to become part of global COVID-19 surveillance.


I am an experienced Product Designer and Software Engineer with a passion for making and crafting digital products, tools and services that are useful, empowering or inspiring to others.