I collaborated with a network of creative users to design and develop a visually-led time tracking app with playful features that evolved through iterative design and prototyping.

Most time tracking apps only use numbers and text, feel like a chore and get forgotten. Fathm has a unique colourful rolling strip of time which users are nudged to slice into segments by swiping.

Segments of time are tracked by quickly tapping customisable coloured categories. Colours are mixed together as categories are added.

Users can quickly switch tasks from a list of recents or favourites.

The app provides a variety of interactive visualisations to help gain insight into how you spend time, and lets you set time budgets for activities.

The popular Daily Donut visualisation can be shared directly from within the app.

Fathm was featured in App Store Essentials alongside Clear, Evernote and Things on the front page of the App Store.


I am an experienced Product Designer and Software Engineer with a passion for making and crafting digital products, tools and services that are useful, empowering or inspiring to others.