I worked with and observed surgeons at St Mary’s Hospital to design and develop a product that prevents information loss during shift handover.

Shift handover is a critical event where important patient information is passed between teams. I observed tasks captured and shared using paper and pagers, with high risk of loss.

Hark is a clinical task management platform which prioritises who needs to do what, where and when. This frees up nurses and doctors to focus on their job instead of waiting by a phone.

Iterative design and prototyping produced a library of controls which minimise the taps needed to capture and share tasks. Studies show that these enable users to send details to the most appropriate clinician in under 20 seconds.

I designed and coded the native apps for iPhone or iPad, with a browser-based dashboard for desktop and full-screen monitoring. A clean and simple identity system allows important information and alerts to be most prominent.

Hark was acquired by Google DeepMind.


I am an experienced Product Designer and Software Engineer with a passion for making and crafting digital products, tools and services that are useful, empowering or inspiring to others.