Minimal Folio

The easiest way to present your portfolio of images, video and PDF on your iPad or iPhone. The app is unbranded so your folio does the talking.

I designed and developed Minimal Folio to solve my own need for a portfolio app. I wanted the ability to adjust the breadth and depth of my portfolio in response to the flow of conversation while presenting.

The solution I created was non-linear navigation. Swipe vertically to increase detail, or horizontally to change project.

Non-linear navigation is made possible by a simple portfolio arrangement with columns of increasingly detailed slides.

The app is unbranded and obsessively minimal. I designed and developed a completely custom dark interface which lets the content be the hero.

The app has been used for global agency portfolios at DDB and Interbrand, and for exhibiting content at the legendary Xerox PARC in Palo Alto, California. Minimal Folio was also installed by Apple as an iPad demo app in high street Apple Stores.


As a Software Engineer with experience in Product Design, I’m driven by a passion to create software that makes a meaningful difference to people’s lives.